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F. Scott Crawford
Carrollton, Texas
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Black Rock
Carrollton, Texas
Introducing the new e-Book now on Amazon,
"What Is This Arrowhead?"
Your new e-book guide to over 57 different types and styles of ancient stone
arrowheads found in the Pacific Northwest.  Exclusively available from as a Kindle e-book.  Can be read on any Kindle reader or on your
computer if you download a Kindle reader program for your computer.

With your purchase and download of this e-book today, "What Is This Arrowhead?" will
be ready on your computer, on your smart phone or your tablet, to help you identify the
specific types of arrowheads which you and your family may find or have in your
collection.  Large photos and type make the page layouts easy to use and most excellent for
viewing on your smart phone or tablet computer.
What Is This Arrowhead?" shows more than 57 high quality ancient, authentic projectile
points which exhibit the visible identifying characteristics of the different types and styles of
these stone arrowheads.  
For enthusiasts, students and collectors of Indian arrowheads and stone projectile points, this
e-book can really help you further enjoy your hobby and favorite activity.
Cover of e-book What Is This Arrowhead? by F. Scott Crawford, copyright 2011.  Click on the cover to learn more about the content of What Is This Arrowhead?
Back cover from the e-book What Is This Arrowhead -- order the e-book or the soft cover hard copy today.
"What Is This Arrowhead?" is available exclusively now as an e-book for $19.99 from   After your order is placed with Amazon you will have immediate
access to your new e-book, ready for you to download and enjoy.  So, order today from
Amazon.  Look it up under the book name:  
"What Is This Arrowhead?"
"What Is This Arrowhead?" describes, illustrates and identifies over 57 different types
of regional arrowhead, dart and lance points.  The new, 72-page e-book includes
examples of each of those points, with photographs and illustrations to help you learn to
identify the artifacts which you and your family may find or see in collections from the
Pacific Northwest.  These illustrated artifacts were assembled from old time collectors
and recognized new collections from all across northern California, northern Nevada,
northern Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, western Wyoming and western Montana.  
I hope that you will be able to use this guide to help answer your question:  
"What Is
This Arrowhead?" for many years to come.

F. Scott Crawford
       Arrowhead collector since 1962.
       Publisher of the monthly e-magazine:  
               Arrowhead Collecting On The Web


P.S.  For those who would like to order the
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"What Is This Arrowhead?", it is available from Amazon with a suggested
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What Is This Arrowhead?" can be located on their system by book title or by
the ISBN-10 number:  1466378530
or the ISBN-13 number:  9781466378537

72-page, full color, soft cover book is available for $34.95, plus shipping according
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      What Is This Arrowhead?

Thank you for ordering "What Is This Arrowhead?"
Cover of e-book What Is This Arrowhead? as seen on smart phone -- order the e-book to help identify NW arrowheads and dart points
Elko Corner Notched knife or dart point -- as seen on smart phone with the e-book What Is This Arrowhead?
Desert Sierra arrowhead as seen on smart phone with the e-book What Is This Arrowhead?